Community Policy Statement

The Royal Savoy Hotel’s objective is to keep positive social and economic practices wherever possible and minimises and even eliminates any negative impacts.
Our Community Policy and primary goals are as follows:

1.     Certification

In order to satisfy broader sustainability criteria including the socio-economic impacts and staff welfare, Travelife Gold Award standards will be achieved by 2011.

2.    Promotion of Responsible Tourism in the Area

The Royal Savoy Hotel is a member of the ACIF and Portuguese Hotels Association.  Through these forums we are able to promote and improve greater economic and social benefits for the residential and business community.
The Hotel also works with local schools and colleges upon request to provide accommodation and where possible, work experience opportunities.

3.    Purchasing

The Royal Savoy Hotel purchases and promotes produce from the local community, whilst ensuring that quality of food does not compromise the wellbeing of our guests. This will help reduce CO2 emissions from transportation of products from international destinations. Wherever possible, we pay our suppliers within the credit terms they request.

4.     Employment

The hotel recognizes the importance of recruiting local people. The benefits of this being the likelihood of monies being spent in the local economy. Additionally, it encourages local residents to stay within the community, rather than seeking employment outside the community. The policy preserves our destination, which is the basis for prosperous and repeat business.

5.    Donations and Charity

The Royal Savoy Hotel donates items such as furniture, towelling or linen that are no longer suitable for use within the hotel, to local organisations that may benefit from them (e.g. schools, local hospitals, orphanages, comunity groups, etc). The hotel also carefully considers how it may help the local community by the provision of in-kind support and contribution such as meal donations for local events, etc.

Our vision:

The Royal Savoy Hotel aims to improve its relationships with the local community in 2011 by introducing sponsorship of local sports teams. It will also provide use and access to the private beach and onsite spa to local people.
Once a week we will invite local crafts people to showcase their products to our guests and give them the opportunity to sell their products regularly in our onsite gift shop.

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